MAKINÉ – AUDIBLE Hip-Hop’s 50th Integrated Campaign

The creative exploration for his project started by recognizing the cultural relevance (for many reasons) of this series. Beloved by its audience and celebrated by the critics, anything to promote this series must have the same level of excellence, interest, and appeal. The FX team was very clear on what they were expecting, and we created within that space.

After some interesting explorations, the Makine Design Team landed on a beautiful, fluid, and almost hypnotic design that celebrates the soul of the series. Taking inspiration from Muskogee patterns and figures, the design feels reflective and forward-thinking, and it works beautifully with the gorgeous footage from the series. This was the closest collaboration thus far with the FX team. The results are beautiful, powerful, and as unique as the series itself. What a pleasure to be part of the legacy of this brilliant production.

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