MAKINÉ – Disney Channel Rebrand


Disney asked Makiné to design an attractive and engaging graphics package that would work for Live Action shows and animated shows, while helping to attract older kids to the network.


Disney Channel has been historically a channel known for its live-action shows.  In 2019, the brand decided to evolve, sharing their grid between 50% live-action and 50% animated shows.  The graphics package needed to serve as a transitional tool for the audience to embrace the brand’s evolution, making the new programming, which combined live-action and animation, feels natural and balanced.


Makiné made the characters the main stars of the new package. A real-life character or animated one, they were the center of attention.  The color palette of the channel kept the iconic blue but evolved by adding darker shades and purple and yellow.  Makiné also created a library of doodles to enhance the emotional connection to the audience.  Thoe doodles were customized for each show, and they quickly became the trademark of the package.  Also, Makiné created transitions and other graphic elements based on the iconic Mickey silhouette, unique to the Disney Channel brand.  The package proved to be a great success tool in the historical evolution of the brand.


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