WWE 2K19 Roster with “Never Say Never” Launch Film
Promo features ‘Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, Ric Flair, Glorious & More

Golden LA stokes the excitement of the WWE fans, collaborating with 2K and advertising agency barrettSF to produce the Never Say Never launch film for the release of WWE 2K19.  Golden was chosen as the collaborative partnership with the right production experience and high-end VFX to bring the agency’s concept and script to life.  Golden LA’s live-action experience with the understanding of how this film will come to life in the post-production stages was key in developing this the spot.

The deep knowledge of 2K marketing and barrettSF production and creative teams about the WWE brand and its Superstars guided Golden LA’s shooting approach for each vignette, highlighting how each WWE Superstar overcame the odds in visually distinctive ways, resulting in a piece that feels more like an experimental art film rather than a campaign.  The meticulous live action prep laid the groundwork for the team to shoot the spot primarily in-camera. This allowed them to play with a wide range of practical effects including the use of mirrors, black light, smoke, and projection mapping. The campaign was then handed off to the rest of the Golden LA team, who augmented the footage with compositing and animation from edit to color.

Partner/Director Jake Banks and directing duo Wolfberg took a divide-and-conquer approach, divvying a convention center in Memphis into isolated sets so they could shoot multiple vignettes concurrently. With triple the directing manpower, they were able to wrap three spots featuring a dozen professional Superstars in the span of three days. **This project was not booked by Moccasin, but we LOVE IT**

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