Transistor Studios created a refreshed design aesthetic for Nickelodeon’s evening channel, nick@nite (Nick at Nite). The project was instigated by the need to engage with Nick at Nite’s social media-savvy audience, according to Kurt Hartman, Vice President of Animation & Motion Graphics. The idea was to expand their social media presence and increase conversation about Nick at Nite and it’s content, but not start completely from scratch. Transistor Studios stepped in and began developing a look that met the brief of the rebrand, which would be led by a series of ID’s inspired by the best-loved shows on the channel’s roster. The iconic moments were art directed vignettes that mixed elements of live-action, Gif-inspired animation, and the use of playful hashtags that real fans of the show can recognize. The color palette is fresh, the music is spot on, and the idea of reinventing and shooting these well-known moments feel very ‘now’ and gave the chance to avoid using a clip of photography that would instantly date the work. TS shot over 30 unique vignettes, each with varying shooting strategies. Some required elaborate rigs, others had elements of stop-motion. Three teams worked on the production: five designers, a seven-person crew for the live-action shoots, and a five-strong team of artists and animators.

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