As a news organization, Vocativ uses proprietary tools in order to scrape the web or dark web and collect data. The data that’s collected autonomously is then sifted through and used to create the editorial pieces that have posted to their site. To help visualize the data that’s collected for Vocativ’s Dark Net Series, Transistor Studios were asked by Part 2 Pictures and Vocativ to create a physical space in which the content of the dark net series exists, a representation of the cloud.

TS initially started with a clean white gallery space, which eventually turned into a more ominous concrete cavern and then finally landed on something a bit more literal – a building with infinite floors and servers racks that we called Room 404.

Once TS established the in-show content our focus then shifted to the open. With Room 404 representing the cloud, TS wanted to create a piece that shows how that data might be sniffed out and collected. The creative team ended up with a frozen moment of people using their connected devices and unknowingly uploading all their information to the cloud to be monitored, tracked, and collected.

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